Saturday, April 16, 2011

Voice of R.A.

What does Rheumatoid Arthritis look like?  If you Google images of it, the pictures are frightening, down right horrifying.  However for many of us, R.A. is invisible.  The outward signs of R.A. are still in their early stages for me and not so easy for someone to see with their eyes, but the battle is within and the damage is being done.  If you took a picture of me, I would not be the best "poster child" for Rheumatoid Arthritis.  One would look at me and think there was nothing wrong with me based on my outward appearance.  So, what kind of impact can I have for myself and others with Rheumatoid Arthritis, if I "don't look sick?"

I can be the VOICE of R.A.!!!  Rheumatoid Arthritis couldn't have picked a better person to attack. 

To put it nicely, I have a big mouth.  My big mouth has been known to get me in trouble, as a matter of fact.  I have been known to have to mumble the prayer about the Lord placing one arm around my shoulder and the other over my mouth one too many times.  Though, it is not because I lack social skills or anything like that.  What I lack is the inability to sit back and watch an injustice being done.  What I lack is the ability to do nothing, when I know I have something very powerful working for me- my voice!  When action needs to be taken, I am there to do it, whether people like what I haved to say or not!

Oh, R.A., erode my bones, take my joints...but with my voice, you don't stand a fighting chance.  What can I do with my voice?  Well, what am I doing right now?  I can write about my experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I can become more vocal for those who are not so willing to be as vocal about it.  I can become an advocate, being vocal with lawmakers about arthritis, cures, medications, and disability.  I can help- I can help others just like me.  I can help others with a RA, chronic illness, or anyone going through this grieving process like I am. 

I can become the VOICE OF R.A.!  That is MY R.A. super power!!  What are you going to do with your R.A.??

Shouting to the Sunny hilltops!!  :)


  1. Well Put! Hopefully lots of voices together can make a difference!

  2. always a pleasure to read your words

  3. Sue this is such a cool site!!! LOOK OUT RA, SUE IS IN THE HOUSE!!!If anyone can raise awareness about RA, it is you!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  4. I love your RA super power! If I could have an RA super power mine would be to stop letting the little bugger control my life lol I would be stronger and healthier and squish RA like a bug :) Love your blog! - Perseverance with RA

  5. Love this Blog...awesome!!

  6. Thank you for being a voice for RA Awareness and for perseverance with this disease we have in common. Great attitude!